Blemish Busting Duo

I’m not usually one to have bad break outs or problematic skin, at least not anymore. Going back about four years my skin was a horrible oily mess and my problem area was mainly my chin, fast forward to this week and I have had what I would describe as the worst break out on my chin in what feels like years and I think I know what has caused it. It sounds stupid but it has really gotten me down, but I thought i’d talk you guys through these two products i’ve been using to combat this break out.

Ren Clear Calm 3 Clay Cleanser – REN (£18), La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + – Escentual (£15.50)

As i’ve already mentioned, bad break outs is a thing of the past for my skin and I only occasionally get a few spots here and there, so I don’t really have many products targeted to combating pesky spots. In my desperation for a fix, I went through my stash to see what products I did have that would at least help to calm down the break out and soothe the skin.

The first product I came across was the La Roche  Posay Effaclar Duo +, which i’ve used here and there when i’ve had a random spot pop up but i’ve never really noticed it working until now. This product is basically a treatment that works to unclog the pores whilst also correcting any marks left from past blemishes. Now i’ve seen a lot people using this as a moisturiser, it’s not a moisturiser, it’s a spot treatment designed to dry out the areas applied. So lathering this all over your face every day is not how you’re supposed to use this product, and from what i’ve heard has led to people breaking out. Going off on a tangent there, but I only use this when I  need to, applying a small amount to the problem area and allowing to soak in before then applying my moisturiser, as I do find this can be very drying. I’ve been using this for a good four days now and i’ve noticed the under surface spots have started to clear up and are a lot less painful.

The next product I pulled out was the REN Clear Calm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. Now this product is designed for blemish prone skin as the clay formula works to dry out the skin, drawing out any clogged pores and really working it’s magic. Again this is a product I don’t use all that often, only when my skin is going through an oily time or I have a few blemishes lurking, as it is very drying I have found, and my skin is already quite dry in some areas, especially my forehead. I’ve been using this mainly in the evening, as my night time cleanser to get rid of any make up I didn’t get off with my micellar water and to really get into the skin in the hope that it will clear away my break out. So far it seems to be doing the job, even though my skin is left feeling quite dry after the problem area feels and looks a lot more calmer, which is the main thing and I just end up whacking a load of moisturiser on the areas it has left dry.

So those are the two product i’ve been opting for more recently when it comes to breakouts. If you’ve found any product that work really well for you then leave them in the comments below, as i’d love to try out some more products.