Current Non Beauty Favourites #1

Lately i’ve been watching a lot of ‘non beauty favourite’ video’s on Youtube, and I thought it would be a great new series that I could start on my blog. Rather than this being monthly, i’ll just update it whenever I feel the need, but today is the my first post all about my current non beauty favourites!

I thought i’d start off with my favourite fashion pieces at the moment, funnily enough both of these are from Topshop (my number one love). Starting with this Black Triangle Necklace, which is an old piece but one that i’ve dug back out recently. I love the daintyness to it, and it just adds a little something to an outfit. It also ties in really well with my outfits, as I wear a lot of black. Next is the TIKA2 High Vamp Skaters, which my boyfriend got me for valentines and I have worn these to death over the past three months. They’re so comfortable (once broken in) and tie in so well with my casual dressing style, so much so I might get a few other pairs for summer. 

Next up is my current favourite candle and this is the Primark Home Sweet Vanilla & Coconut Candle. I love this scent, it’s just so refreshing and reminds me so much of summer. The scent of this is quite strong when it’s not burning, but i’ve found that when you burn it, it doesn’t really give off that much scent but I still really like it and for £3 it’s a right bargain! One food item i’ve been obsessed with is Tangy Cheese Doritos. I’ve always loved them but i’ve been eating so much of them recently, probably not the best but it’s better than loads of sweets/chocolates. 

Last but not least are my White Tulips, as I mentioned in my previous post I bought these to add a little spring feeling to my room and I love the addition that they have made to my room. I’ve really started to get into enjoying and appreciating flowers, must be a part of getting older (sigh).

So that is all of my current non beauty favourites! I hope you guys liked this post as it’s something a little different, and like I said i’ll update with my next non beauty favourites when I feel fit to.

What non beauty items have you been loving recently?