This Week I #23

This week has been a pretty good week, mainly because i’ve finally finished uni!!! I couldn’t be anymore happier but I am already starting to get a bit bored with not having a lot to do. Having said that I am starting to make a few plans in my head of what I want to do this summer, and so far i’ve got a few fun ideas. 

 Finished uni – This is probably the last time I will talk about uni on my blog, for a while anyway as I handed in my final project on Thursday. I literally cannot believe how quick the past three years have gone and I am so so happy that I have finished!

Fallen in love with the Revlon Matte Balms – I purchased two of these a while back, but i’ve only really started wearing them in the past week or so. They’re moisturising and this one especially is very pigmented! 

Ate some yummy Chinese food – As a way to celebrate finishing uni, on Thursday evening we went out for a Chinese and it was so good! We hadn’t been to this particular restaurant for ages, so it definitely went down a treat!

Attended a wedding – It was one of my work friends weddings this week, and a few of the work girls and myself went to the evening reception. We had a lovely time, the bride looked beautiful and we devoured to many sweet things from the chocolate fountain!

Tried to get organised – As i’ve now finished uni, I can focus a lot more on my blog so I decided to sit down and jot down a few post ideas, whilst also scrolling through my Bloglovin’ feed for some inspo and ideas. I’ve got a few post ideas in my head but I really want to move my blog forward, and spend more time getting it to how I want it to be. 

What did you get up to this week?