This Week I #24

This week has been pretty boring if i’m honest. I’ve been in that ‘waiting for payday’ limbo after my last uni project practically wiped me out but i’ve had a really nice relaxing weekend before heading back to work tomorrow.

Relaxed and caught up on sleep – As i’ve been off work this whole week I took the opportunity to relax as much as I possibly could, watching Prison Break on repeat and just not doing a whole lot.

Had a little follower – As i’ve been at home pretty much all week my dog, Maisie has stuck to me like glue. I couldn’t resist getting a few snaps of her, how cute it she!?

Went to see Bad Neighbours – I finally left the house on Wednesday afternoon to go see Bad Neighbours and it was pretty hilarious. Not as funny as I expected but still really good, if you haven’t seen it yet then you really should!

Cooked a mean steak – For the past few days my boyfriend has been in Poland, so as a way to surprise him I cooked up some yummy steak and made a rather tasty cheesecake! Safe to say he enjoyed it, and was rather happy!

What have you been up to this week?