This Week I #26

This week has been a bit of a random week, not a lot has happened but it has flown by. I also found out that I get my uni marks on Monday (tomorrow), so i’m really scared and nervous about getting them, as I have no idea how well i’ve done. 

Had my first Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher of the year – Whenever I go down to Plymouth, the services I stop at has three Starbucks, yes three. As they’ve brought back their summer menu, I of course got my favourite Cool Lime Refresher as it was such a warm day, I need something cool to drink. So good!

Sampled my second Wagamamas katsu curry – Where I live, we also don’t have a Wagamamas so it is a rare occasion that I get to have one. Whilst in Plymouth last weekend/beginning of this week, we went and I tried out their new Raspberry Rush Juice, which was so good and of course chowed down on a katsu.

Reorganised my bedside storage – The shelf on my bedside cabinet was looking an absolute mess, and I had random things just lying around everywhere so I thought i’d reorganise and put all my daily things in one place. I quite like the rejig, and my room is looking a lot less cluttered. 

I’m working pretty much everyday next week, so I don’t know if or how i’m going to next Sundays post, but I will try my hardest. Also posts throughout the week may be a little lacking as I honestly wasn’t expecting to be this busy, but hopefully you guys will understand. 

What have you been up this week?