Beauty Bad Habits #1

I’ve seen a few bloggers doing similar posts to this, where they highlight the habits they’ve got into when it comes to the beauty realm of their lives and I of course have noticed some of my bad habits recently, so I thought i’d share and see if it’s not just me. 


More and more i’ve noticed that my skincare routine is either on point or not there what so ever. Recently i’ve been quite good, at least getting the basic routine in of cleansing, oil/serum and moisturiser but sometimes especially in the evening that all goes down the pan and I switch to either makeup wipes or my trusty micellar solutions. We’re all guilty of it, sometimes that makeup removal process is just too much at the end of a long day.


My hair has got a lot better over the years, after finding out that a clarifying shampoo has been lacking from my hair care routine but on those days where my roots are looking that little shiny, whacking out the dry shampoo is my only option. Washing my hair is the most boring of tasks and as it is quite long it takes ages to dry, so on those days where I can get away with it I will opt for a dry shampoo. I’ve also found the brunette ones are great for when my roots are showing, as it works to hide them on the couple of days before re-dying my hair. 


Another one we’re all guilty of, and over the past year i’ve invested in more brushes because I really don’t want to wash my brushes. I know that sounds a bit extreme, but when i’ve got 10 or more brushes to wash, it makes the task prolonged even more. Having said that, I love the feeling of a freshly washed brush, it’s like fresh bed sheets, you just can’t beat it. 

So those are my beauty bad habits. I may add more as time goes on, as i’m sure there is a lot more habits that I have not picked up on yet.

What are your bad beauty habits?