This Week I #28

This week I took a little blog hiatus, which wasn’t planned but I just ended up being so busy working, going to the gym and socialising that I just didn’t have the time or energy to open up my laptop. I feel really refreshed from having this little break and i’ve really enjoyed just having a little time to myself, but don’t worry things will be back to normal next week. 

Got my shop on – I caved and hit the sales hard… but I have ended up returning more than half of everything I ordered. I picked up a few cute pieces for summer, and a pair of shoes that i’ve been on the hunt for, for ages!

Started at a new gym – After quitting at my last gym just before Christmas due to being so busy, i’ve finally got back into it but this time i’ve joined a different gym. This one has a lot more classes on offer and I prefer classes as I actually come out feeling like i’ve achieved something. So far i’m really enjoying it.

Went to Wireless Festival – Originally I was supposed to be going Wireless on both Friday and Sunday, but Drake cancelled his appearance so we didn’t go on Friday but as you are reading this, I am currently at Wireless right now. Kanye is headlining tonight, which I am so excited about and I will be doing a whole post on the day.

What have you been up to this week?