Beauty Storage Tour

As some of you may have seen, this past week or so i’ve been really switching up my beauty storage and it’s finally at a place where I feel like I can share where it’s at right now seeing as not much is going to change, and some of you have been asking me so many questions, so I can hopefully answer a few of those for you in this post.

Let’s kick things off with the furniture as these are the main focus of my storage. Both are from Ikea as they have some amazing affordable pieces and usually the white versions are the cheapest, who knew! For my main beauty storage I have the Billy Bookcase (£25), which you can see here on the left and to the right I have the Kallax Shelving Unit (£45), which I have an array of different storage boxes hoarding all sorts of stuff inside but the top works great as a makeup desk area.

The makeup desk area itself I like to keep really neat and tidy, I hate clutter so I try my hardest to put everything away. The mirror is from B&Q and is called the Colours Ganji White Gloss Rectangle Mirror (£12.85). It’s the perfect size and i’m so glad to finally have a proper station where I can do my hair and makeup. The few decorative details around the mirror consist of some flowers in the Sockerart 22cm Vase (£14) from Ikea and then this really cute Heart Jar (£5.99), which you can pick up from most TkMaxx and Home Sense stores, it’s not available online unfortunately but I use this to store the majority of my lip products. I have also have a few random candles from Bath & Body Works displayed as I sometimes burn them in the evening.

Now onto the shelving unit, i’m not going to go through every single shelf as i’m focusing on my makeup storage today. So starting with top shelf being the one housing my Muji storage, where I keep pretty much all of my makeup. I ordered my Muji storage online and I purchased a few different sets, as i’ve heard some of the drawers are deeper than others. At the top I have a Two Draw Acrylic Box w/Flip Lid (£11.50), which are deep enough to store my foundations and everyday essentials. Below that I have a Three Draw Acrylic Unit (£17.95) and the drawers on these are really thin so I wouldn’t suggest ordering these on their own, but these are good for any smaller bits such as mascara and eyeshadow. Then finally at the bottom I have a One Draw Wide Box Unit (£7.95), which has my palettes in and luckily this one is more deep than the unit above. Hope that info helps some of you if you were looking to order Muji storage online. 

Onto the final shelf, this is where I store my brushes and Acrylic Lipstick Storage (£7.99), which I picked up from Home Sense as they always have tons of acrylic pieces like this one. I’ve done a more in depth post on this here. For my brushes I store these in this Pink Plant Pot (£1), which I picked up reduced in TkMaxx and I really like the colour and size of the pot, it’s perfect for my brushes.

So that is a little more into my updated beauty storage, hopefully this post answers some of your questions and if you want a more in depth Muji storage post then please let me know.

How do you store your beauty bits?