Beauty Tips & Hacks #1

For a while now i’ve wanted to switch it up a little on the blog, and as a lot of you enjoyed my ‘What Blogging Has Taught Me’ post, I thought i’d kind of continue down that path with giving you guys some tips and hacks that I use when it comes to the realm of beauty. 

Some of these may be really obvious, but hopefully some will help you guys out as I swear by them.

  • Talc Powder Has Many Uses – You may associate talc powder with babies, but it has so many other uses. Ran out of dry shampoo and haven’t got time to wash your hair? Whack a bit of talc into the roots/greasy areas, give it a good rub and voila! Also, (sorry to bring it up) ladies who shave down there, applying talc to the area after shaving helps to avoid any irritation.
  • Know When To Throw Things Out – We’re all guilty of keeping things way past their expiry dates but some products you’ve just gotta throw away. Mascara, when it to the point that it’s so dry that it’s flaking off your lashes.. chuck it out. LipSoFacto have a great post all about expiration dates, which you can check out here.
  • Storing Your Beauty Stash in The Fridge? – Okay, not your entire stash but there are some products that you will really benefit more from if you store them in the fridge. First up is nail polish and it just stops the formula from separating and becoming gloopy. Secondly is eye cream, keeping it cool with instantly help to depuff and soothe your eye area. Lastly is perfume, sounds strange but it stops the heat from making your perfume evaporate in the heat and it just preserves the scent. 
  • Prevent Lipstick Getting on Your Teeth – It’s happened to the best of us, but one simple thing you can do it to put your finger in your mouth, and then pull it back out. Any excess lipstick will come off onto your finger, rather than your teeth. 
  • Draw on Your Eyebrows, Before Plucking – When I first started plucking my brows i’d often find that it was tricky to see exactly which hair needed to go, thus over plucking. I found that taking an eyeliner, and drawing the outline of my desired brow shape really helps to show which hairs need to be plucked and which ones need to be left alone. I haven’t over plucked my brows since. 

I might continue this into a little series as I have a few other tips that I stick by, and i’d love to share more of them with you guys.

Are there any beauty tips or hacks that you swear by?