Brush Cleaning 101

Similar to my recent Brow Maintenance 101 post, brush cleaning isn’t something I talk about that often on the blog either, mainly because it doesn’t happen all that often and the way in which I washed my brushes hadn’t changed at all since my post way back last year, but more so recently i’ve been trying to wash my brushes more often and i’ve been using products focused towards the washing of makeup brushes.

When it came to washing my makeup brushes, a simple bar of soap was all I used and I found that it washed my brushes pretty well but it did take some time and effort with the amount of product that builds up in my makeup brushes. 

More so recently i’ve been trying to not let the product mount up in my brushes, and one i’ve been doing that is with the help of the Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner* (£5). I’ve been using this to spot clean my brushes as this works to instantly sterilise and disinfect the brushes, whilst also helping to battle any sort of product build up within my brushes. I use this mainly on any brush that isn’t used for foundation, as I like to give those brushes a deeper clean but using this on my blush brush once or twice a week has really been helping. What is great is that all you have to do is spray this directly onto the brush and then wipe away the product using some tissue or a towel, so it’s a really quick way of cleaning your brushes. The only thing that I don’t like about this, is the smell as it’s got that ‘anti bacterial’ kind of smell to it, but you can easily get past that. 

When it comes to a more deep cleaning of my brushes i’ve been using two products recently, both in the same sort of way or conjunction with each other. First up is the Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Shampoo* (£5), which is the first ever type of brush shampoo I have used and it works so well to remove any type of product build up, dirt or oil that is left within your brushes. I also find it works really quickly to break down the product left within the brush and just makes the whole process off brush washing a lot faster than the previous method that I was using. 

I’ve also been using the Dr Bronners Magic Soap Baby Mild (£3.49), which i’ve wanted to try for a while after seeing a few different bloggers talking about this, so when I spotted it in my local TkMaxx I thought i’d try it out. I’ve been using this in the same way as the previous product, applying a small amount to the brush and really working the product into the brush to give it a good clean and then rinsing with water. This also works really well to break down any product, especially product that has really built up in my brushes but do make sure to give your brushes a really good rinse as sometimes the shampoo/soap doesn’t fully wash out, leaving your brushes a bit crusty. 

So that is my insight into how I clean my brushes, and i’ve really noticed a considerable difference in the quality of my brushes since switching things up.

What products do you use to wash your brushes?