What Blogging Has Taught Me..

It’s safe to say that blogging has taught me a lot, before I really didn’t have a clue if i’m honest, I mean I was using wet wipes to remove my makeup. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers throwing out what they’ve learnt through blogging, and I wanted to get on the bandwagon.

The majority of these things have definitely changed my regime for the better, and maybe this will give you guys a few tips also.

  • Skincare routine – A solid skincare routine really goes a long way, and my skin has improved so much.
  • Matte lipsticks – It’s safe to say that I have learnt that matte formula’s just do not work with me. 
  • Don’t overfill your brows – Blogging has truly taught me how to fill in my brows, and that the overfilled look just isn’t good.
  • Hair oil is my best friend – I’ve learnt that hair oil is a saviour for my dry split ends. 
  • Don’t over do the blush – A little amount of blush really goes a long way, and just a small amount on the apples is the best option. 
  • Wash your brushes – I know we all hate it, but washing my makeup brushes is a big deal to me as it stops any pesky spots.
  • Highstreet can be better – We all get sucked into think high end is always better, but thats not always the case.
  • Contouring/highlighter – Before blogging I didn’t even know what the word contour meant.. 
  • Nude lips aren’t me – Nudes and light pinks just do not suit my skin tone, so i’ve learnt to steer clear.
  • Wet wipes are a no go – Even though i’m guilty of using wet wipes here and there, I can really see how bad they are for my skin. 
  • Always carry a lip balm – My dry lips have proven that lip balm is a handbag necessity. 
  • Save your money – Although bloggers can be such enablers, I don’t need to give into the hype over every single new release. 
  • Do your research – Before blogging I would never research into buying a product, i’d just go for it and then end up disappointed. 

So that is everything that I can think of, i’m sure there is a few more things but you guys get the jist.

What has blogging taught you?