Trying Out Hair Extensions with Hair Trade

When I found I was being sent hair extensions from the lovely team at Hair Trade I was a little skeptical as i’ve never tried out hair extensions before, so I was a little curious about what to expect but at the same time I was really excited as the overall quality of my hair is shocking at the moment and I thought the extensions may help with the appearance of my hair. 

The set that I received from the lovely team at Hair Trade were the I&K Clip in Straight Hair Darkest Brown 18″* (£59.99), which is the perfect colour match for my hair as I was worried they’d be either too dark or too light, but literally spot on. 

What I really like about these hair extensions is that they are 100% human hair, which means that they are more likely to last longer than synthetic hair and it means you can do pretty much what you want to them in terms of styling and dying without them losing any sort of quality. The overall quality of the hair is lovely, I wish my hair was in as good condition as these extensions as they are so soft and are visibly in really good condition. 

This particular set comes in three different lengths, with the prices varying as to which size you order. I ordered the 18″ set as an estimate as I knew the 14″ set would have come up too short with my natural hair and they are a really good length in order to add a nice amount of thickness without you being able to tell i’ve extensions in. The only downside is that, because my natural hair is quite thick these extensions aren’t quite enough for my hair so I may have to order another set or cut into them so they are the same length as my natural hair.

Overall i’m really impressed with my first set of hair extensions as the quality is amazing for the prices you pay. Hair Trade stock a fair few different hair extension brands, as well as a whole range of hair care, makeup and fragrance so make sure to check out their website.

Have you used hair extensions before?