Favourite Hair Masks/Treatments

As my hair is pretty damaged from the constant dyeing, i’m always looking for a hair mask or treatment that will help to give my hair a good moisture boost and i’ve tried a fair few hair masks in my time. So today I thought i’d share a few of my favourite hair masks/treatments, that I find to work really good.

The Weleda Oat Replenishing Treatment* (£11.50) is newbie, but a goodie. It’s tailored towards dry and damaged hair, which I have but it’s also an organic product and I always find these work a lot better with my hair. This one contains organic shea butter and extracts of organic oat that just work to smooth over any rough, dry bits of hair and just really nourishes the ends of my hair. It has a lovely thick formula, that doesn’t weigh your hair down at all and it smells incredible.


The Moroccan Oil Hydrating Mask Light* (£8.95) is a little different as it is a rich argan oil treatment that is tailored to hydrate the hair and to improve the hairs texture, shine and manageability. I love to use this one at least once a week, usually towards the end of the week where my hair is starting to look a little tired, and when it’s becoming hard to manage. It has a lovely creamy formula that gives off the well known moroccan oil scent and it leaves my hair feeling, and looking so much hydrated and healthier.


An old favourite of mine is the Tresemme Deep Conditioning Treatment (£5.69), which i’ve spoke about in the past and I still love it. It does exactly what you want it to do in terms of a deep conditioning treatment, it softens the hair and gives it that boost of hydration that it needs after a long week. It has a light creamy formula that is so light on the hair and again, it smells great. It’s also really affordable and i’ve gone through a few tubes of this stuff, so I highly recommend!


My most used hair mask is the Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Treatment* (£10.99) and this is aimed at over worked hair that often breaks caused by styling and colouring, which is my hair down to a tee. I’ve had to stop using any sort of heat on my hair, in order to make it grow and to prevent any further damage but this stuff is a life saviour. I always focus this around where split ends are, as I find it really helps to almost strengthen the hair (if that is at all possible) but also to give the hair a really deep nourish. I’ve noticed in the past month or so, that the condition of my hair has slowly started to improve, and it has started to grow again.


What are your favourite hair masks?