Foundation Brush Favourites

It’s been sometime since I really sat down and talked about my makeup brushes, as I used to review them quite often and have actually been some of my most popular posts. Any who, today I thought i’d talk about some of my favourite foundation brushes as we all know buffing in that foundation is quite an important step in the makeup applying process. 

Starting off with the bargain of a foundation brush, and this the Domed Foundation Brush (£4.86), which is a part of a brush set I got from eBay, which you can read a little more about here. I really like this brush mainly because of the domed shape it has to it, as I find it works really well to buff in my foundation especially if i’m in a rush. I find it works well with all of my foundations, and for the price of the brush set it’s a good one to have.

Next is a recent addition, but one i’ve been loving a lot and this is the Crown Brush Deluxe Flat Bronzer Brush* (£16.89), which I featured in my most recent favourites post. Although this is designed to be used with bronzer, I find that the flat kabuki brush shape is ideal to use with foundations. It does take a little more time than usual to get a nice result with this, but I find the more I buff the better my foundation looks. 

These last two brushes are obvious ones really, and i’m sure most of you will own one of these brushes from Real Techniques. Starting with the Expert Face Brush (£9.99) and this one is very similar to the first brush, but a little smaller and more tapered. Again I love this for the shape, but I also use this sometimes to apply my concealer as I tend to dab, instead of buffing when applying my concealer, so a great multi tasker. Lastly we have the Buffing Brush from the Core Collection (£21.99), which is my most used foundation brush. It’s just a great brush to use when buffing in foundation as it does everything you’d want it to do.

What are you favourite foundation brushes?