Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick’s

On Saturday morning I had, what I would call probably the most exciting delivery from the lovely team at Makeup Revolution. Now usually I don’t share my thoughts on a product until i’ve properly got to know it, but I just had to tell you guys about this latest release from Makeup Revolution, and give you a kind of first impressions.

This latest release from Makeup Revolution comes in the form of The One Blush Stick Collection*, containing eight shades, four matte and four shimmer. Now i’ve wanted to try out this type of product ever since I set on the Nars Matte Multiples, but these are a much more affordable option and probably very similar formula wise. Also, they can double up as a lip colour, but I am yet to test this out.

As the collection contains eight different shades, not all of them are going to suit every single skin tone but they have got the perfect mix in order for you to find at least one or two shades to suit you. I’ve picked out four shades (pictured above), which I find work best for me. Dream (£5), which is a lovely shimmer highlight shade and i’ve been using this a cream highlighter, as i’ve never used a cream highlighter before. Pink (£5), which again is a shimmer but a light pink blush shade and this is lovely on the apples of your cheeks. Matte Pink (£5) is very similar to pink, but a matte formula and a little darker in pigmentation. Again a lovely blush colour to brighten up the complexion. Matte Malibu (£5) is probably my favourite and it works as a lovely cream contour, although i’ve found a little really does a go a long way with this one.

The other shades available are Matte Dream (£5), a matte baby pink blush shade. Rush (£5), a red/pink blush shade that is very similar to Nars ‘Orgasm’ Blush. Matte Rush (£5), which is a matte red toned blush and Malibu (£5), a shimmer contour shade.

The formula of these blush sticks is lovely and creamy, and I find that they don’t dry too quickly that they give you enough time to work with them. The pigmentation is amazing as you need the smallest amount of product on your brush. I find applying directly onto the skin and then blending with a stippling brush to be the most affective, and then cleaning anything up with my foundation brush. Overall i’m really impressed by this latest release from Makeup Revolution and i’ve really enjoyed using them as part of my daily makeup routine this past week.

Have you tried out any of these blush sticks?