The Confidence Products

When it comes to my makeup collection there are definitely some products that I only wear for special occasions or if i’m wanting something a little more to my everyday look, and these products are also the ones that take a little more confidence to wear but also boost my confidence when I do wear them.

Starting with lipsticks, and for me on a daily basis I usually just opt for my trusty ones when I do bother to wear lipstick but to be honest I hardly wear lipstick if i’m working, which I am a lot at the moment. Anyway (massive tangent there), a few of the shades I own are a little too much for your everyday kind of look, and these are MAC ‘Up The Amp’ (£15.50) and MAC ‘Girl About Town’ (£15.50). Both of these lipsticks come out usually in the evenings, especially Up The Amp as it’s not my typical shade but looks so good with a simple winged liner look. As for Girl About Town, this one if my daring pink and I love when I wear this. I never used to suit a pink lip but since having my hair darker it’s all I wear and there is something about a bright pink lip that makes me ooze with confidence.

Highlighter is something that I never wear, and I mean never as I just can’t be bothered with it on an everyday basis as my foundation makes my skin dewy enough for my liking. Having said that, on the days where i’ve got something planned or i’m going out I do love a sweep of shimmer across the cheek bones and I love to use my Topshop Highlighter (£10). It just adds something to an evening look and the added sparkle to boosts my confidence even though its one of those product you don’t really notice. 

Last but not least is the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette (£37) and I love using the more everyday shades mixed in with a few other eye products on most days but the more daring shades are the ones I save. ‘Darkside’ and ‘Blackheart’ work so well for a smokey eye, with a pop of ‘Trick’ or ‘Dust’ in the inner corner. I just love it.

What products do you wear to give you a boost of confidence?