Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield Watch

When it comes to everyday accessories, I don’t tend to switch it up all that much as I always wear the same few items that include three rings and my Pandora bracelet. When it comes to watches, i’d never really given them much thought, as like many other people I would always rely on my iPhone. So when Daniel Wellington contacted me, contemplating the idea of a watch sounded quite exciting to me. 

Daniel Wellington is brand that I hadn’t really heard all that much about, but in the recent months the buzz around these watches especially on social media platforms, instagram in particular you could tell these watches were something special.

When the Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffeild Watch* (£119) landed on my doorstep one evening last week, I knew there was something beautiful about this watch. From the way it was packaged within it’s lovely leather box, to the gorgeous rose gold hardware and the Swarovski crystal face detailing – i’d fallen in love.

It was hard to choose which watch to go for as Daniel Wellington has a number of gorgeous styles to choose from, but I opted for one with a smaller watch face as i’m not a huge fan of the chunkier watch trend and I have quite small hands. Then onto choosing the strap, this was even more difficult but I opted for a minimal style of a simple black leather strap, as it will fit in well with my monochrome wardobe and out of the silver or rose gold hardware, that one was easy – rose gold all the way!

For someone who hasn’t worn a watch in years, it was an adjustment but one that I have really enjoyed. Not having to rely on my phone 24/7 and i’ve received so many lovely comments on it over the past week that it has also given me a little more confidence. This is one accessory that I will be loving for years to come.

The lovely team at Daniel Wellington have also given me a discount code for you lovely people. So to get 15% off any Daniel Wellington watch, enter the code ‘styleandsplurging’ at checkout. This offer is valid until November 30th, so happy shopping.

Which Daniel Wellington watch have you got your eyes on?