November Favourites

This month has literally come and gone in a blink of an eye for me as i’ve been working my little toosh off the entire month as it is busiest period of year, Christmas parties galore. Talking about Christmas, i’ve officially finished my Christmas shopping and i’m so excited for Christmas now!

Anyway, this month I haven’t really been loving all that much, what with being so busy I just haven’t had much time to go out buy new things or try many new things.

Starting off with the most obvious choice as i’ve been loving it since the day it arrived, and this is the Nars ‘Vera’ Audacious Lipstick (£24). I picked this up during the flash beauty sale that ASOS had at the beginning of the month and have not regretted it one bit, and i’ve been getting as much wear out of it as possible. Although it appears quite a wearable shade, it is quite a bold lip, which I can’t really get away with on an everyday occasion, so i’ve been wearing it mainly in the evenings or i’ve blotted it so it doesn’t appear so intense. 

Two items from the amazing team at Makeup Revolution, and first up is the ‘Golden Sugar’ Ultra Blush and Contour Palette* (£6). When this arrived on my doorstep I almost squealed with excitement as i’ve never owned or tried any blushes like these. They remind me of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushers, but for a fraction of the price and the pigmentation is so good. The main reason I like this palette is because I can wear every single shade in this palette as they suit my skin tone really well and add a lovely amount of contour/blush. 

Secondly is the Ultra Aqua Brow Tint* (£3), which has become my go to brow product of the month. It fills and defines my brows beautifully without them looking unnatural at all. Although it does take a little getting used to, it is unlike any brow product I have previously tried and I just love what this does for my brows, they just look amazing!

Lastly is a bit of a random favourite and this is the Glade Warm Spice Candle (£2). I picked this up from my local Wilko as it was only £1 and i’d been wanting it ever since I first gave it a good sniff. It a lovely spicy candle for Christmas and the scent to fills up my bedroom, making it smell all festive and it does a good job of warming my room up also. 

What have you been loving this month?