Redken Color Extend Magnetics Review

If you saw my recent favourites post, then you will have seen that I mentioned this little duo and how much I have been loving them lately. I’m always on the hunt for a good shampoo and conditioner that can help revive my dull hair, but also protect the colour and I think I may have found it.

What first drew me to this range is that it is designed for those who colour their hair quite a lot, like myself and have a lot of damage due to this. I also really liked the sound of the Color Locking System used within these two products, a lot of science babble to me that makes no sense but it obviously works from my experience.

The Redken Color Extend Magnectics Shampoo* (£13.50) is designed to cleanse, strengthen and protect coloured hair, whilst leaving the hair feeling fortified  and radiant. I’ve been using this for a good few weeks now and I have really loved what this product does to my hair. I often find that shampoo’s directed at coloured hair make my hair quite greasy, but this I can get a good two to three days before washing again. It leaves my hair looking so shiny and radiant, but also my hair feels so much more nourished and the i’ve noticed the colouring in my hair is also less dull.

I’ve also been using the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner* (£11.25) along with this, as it detangles, strengthens and again helps to protect coloured hair. I love the smell of this stuff, its so light but leaves my hair smelling really clean. It has also really been working to give my hair the conditioning that it needs, leaving the ends feeling so much smoother and looking so much more healthy. 

Although Redken is a little more pricier, the products do work wonders and I also like that their conditioners are often smaller than the shampoo as I can never finish up both products at the same time.

Have you tried any Redken products?