What Blogging Has Taught Me #2

After my last blogging tips style post went down so well with you guys, I thought i’d continue but this time talk more about the things i’ve learnt about running a blog, rather than the beauty hacks i’ve learnt. Hopefully this will also help some of you guys, especially if you are feeling a little down with your blog at the minute and are wondering what to do.

When it comes to blogging I do believe that there are no rules as such but sometimes I find that other bloggers advice and tips can really help, and I always bear these things in mind when it comes to blogging.

  • Everyones opinion and experience is different – It’s safe to say that every blogger is different with their approach and the way in which they run their blog, and usually that is what separates us and gives us something different. When I read over and over, people saying you need a ‘niche’ they couldn’t be more wrong in my eyes. Yes, sometimes you need to be different and think outside of the box when it comes to content, but posting about what you love and your own experience is what makes each blogger different from the rest.
  • It takes time – Having now been blogging for almost two years, it has finally got to the point where I am really content with my blog. Just like every other blogger will tell you, it really takes time to get into the groove of blogging and finding your own style when it comes to the content, but it also takes time to build your blog and your blogs following. It doesn’t just happen over night, but if you keep at it, it will happen.
  • Content is key – A pretty obvious one and one i’m sure we all know, but a blog that is updated regularly and producing good content is one that will grow. Even if you are posting once or twice a week, as long as your content stays regular then your readers will keep coming back. 
  • Don’t take nasty comments too seriously – Fortunately, i’ve never really had any nasty comments and thats what I love about us bloggers, we don’t like to spread too much negativity but if/when people do feel the need, just ignore them and don’t get yourself down. Like i said, everyones opinion is different.
  • Planning in advance is a life saver – Going back to regular content, I find that getting blog posts planned and written in advance to be a total life saver at times. If I know i’m going to be busy, getting my posts scheduled just saves so much stress. Often on my days off i’ll plan, photograph and write up a few blog posts just to make sure i’m ahead of myself, and its a good idea for you guys also, especially if you juggle blogging and working. 

So those are some of my tips from what i’ve learnt through running a blog and I hope some of these will help you out.

What has running a blog taught you?