Christmas Day Details 2014

Similar to last year, I wanted to blog about my Christmas Day as you all really enjoyed that post last year and I enjoy adding an element of lifestyle here and there. 

This year was a little different to last year, as we didn’t host this year but our plans changed on Christmas Eve. We originally were invited to my Nans for Christmas, but unfortunately she has come down with a horrible flu, so plans changed and we were invited to my uncles. 

I woke up quite late for me when it comes Christmas, but I pulled myself out of bed around 9am, showered and got dressed, and then tucked into a bacon sandwich before opening presents. As you can see I got the Urban Naked Palette, a MAC Lipstick and MAC Lip Liner and a few other lovely beauty based presents. I will be doing a Christmas haul style post, showing you all the bits and bobs I received – which i’m truly thankful for, as i’ve been truly spoilt this year.  After the present giving, I continued getting ready and as you can see I wore this lovely Topshop ‘Seasons Greetings’ Jumper, which was so soft and cosy. I also gave my new beauty bits a whirl and I am in love with them all, especially MAC ‘Show Orchid’ Lipstick, such a lovely pink shade. 

Around midday, we drove over to my uncles, where he and his partner put on a lovely spread. Honey roast parsnips, beef, turkey, yorkshire puds etc.. It was all so lovely! We then took the dogs for a walk to burn off dinner before having dessert, which was a lovely lime cheesecake, so so tasty!  After having dessert and watching the Queens Christmas Day message, I drove over to boyfriends to spend time with his family and to pick him up as we hadn’t exchanged presents. We headed back to my house, where we poured ourselves some ciders and finally exchanged presents – safe to say we both spoilt each other, and it was so nice to see his face light up over some of his presents.

Overall I had a lovely Christmas, although it wasn’t the same without my Nan and Step Granddad, I still had a lovely day! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas also and got everything you had put on your list to Santa!