Current Non Beauty Favourites #2

Can you believe it has been around six months since I did my first ever non beauty favourites?! I’m quite surprised I haven’t done one sooner, but any who I thought it was about time I spoke about some things that I am currently loving when it comes to all things non beauty. 

The majority of the items I am currently loving are actually fashion items as i’ve picked up really key pieces, that I have not stopped wearing recently and you should be able to still pick up the majority of these items.

First up is the beautiful Primark Powder Lilac Oversized Coat (£25), which I originally thought was grey when I first saw it in the shop. I’d been eyeing up that majorly oversized grey coat that they had early winter, but even a size 8 just swamped me, so when I saw this I just knew I had to get it. It’s fit so much nicer than the other coat, and even though it is thinner, it’s still really cosy! I may do an ootd with this at some point, but I just had to share it with you guys as they do still have it in store, in a variety of colours and prints. Another bargain fashion item i’ve been loving is the ASOS Risky Business Ankle Boots (£35), which I have been wearing non stop. I love a good black boot for winter and these are just perfect. I’ve also asked for the Croc Skin ones for Christmas, but unfortunately those have now sold out. 

Next is the piece of arm candy that has not left my wrist for a good month now and this is the Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield Watch* (£119). For someone who never wore or thought that they needed a watch, i’ve been converted and I love it. It’s a great little accessory to have, whilst also appearing classy at the same time. I did a little review here, so make sure you give that a read.

(My discount code has now expired, but if you were wanting to purchase a watch from DW then have a little search on Twitter, and i’m sure you’ll find a few discount codes knocking about).

Lastly we have my Caseapp Custom Phonecase* (£19), which I am in love with and so many people have been asking me about it. I love the personal element to it and just how cute it looks, I am a sucker for a cute phonecase. I have a little discount code if you were wanting to purchase one for yourself or for a friend. So to get 20% off any order from Caseapp, enter the code ‘SPLURGING20‘ at the checkout. This offer runs out on the 15th of December.

What are your current non beauty favourites?