MAC ‘Up The Amp’ Lipstick

When it comes to a/w lipsticks I will always opt for a darker lip and usually of the berry/plum shade but recently i’ve been opting for a more vampy purple lip with a little help from a recent MAC addition.

I picked up MAC ‘Up The Amp’ Lipstick (£15.50) in duty free on the way back from my holiday in September and it didn’t really get much love until now. The main reason for this being is that I was a little scared, as a purple lip is something i’ve never really worn before and I wasn’t sure whether I could pull it off but I now absolutely love it!

For me it’s the perfect vampy purple that isn’t too full on, as i’d never be able to wear any of the vampier MAC shades and I think the pink undertone is what I like so much about it. It’s also an amplified finish, which means its not matte or drying in anyway and the pigmentation is beautiful. I’ve been loving wearing this mainly during the evenings or on nights out, but i’ve also been wearing it on a daily basis to bring something different to a typical everyday outfit.

If you’re wanting to try out a purple lip, but are a little worried you won’t pull it off then I highly recommend trying out this shade and giving it a swatch.

Have you been rocking a purple lip recently?