Merry Christmas

As it is officially less than 24 hours until Christmas Day, I thought i’d take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Whatever you end up doing tomorrow, I hope you have a lovely day spending time with loved ones and I hope you get everything on your list to Santa!

For me Christmas Day is going to be a busy one as i’m splitting my day with my family and my boyfriends family, but i’m so looking forward to doing something a little different to the usual. I will hopefully be doing a post on my day, similar to last year as I love getting my camera out on special occasions and you all seemed to love last years post, so look out for that.

Things will be a little quiet over the next week or so, I have a few posts scheduled as I didn’t want to just abandon the blog until New Year – it’s just not for me, so again keep your eyes peeled for those posts. Any who..