Nars ‘Rikugien’ Satin Lip Pencil

For quite some time now, i’ve wanted to venture into the world of the Nars lip pencils as i’ve heard such great things about them and Nars is probably my favourite high end makeup brand, so when the Glossy Box for Harvey Nichols box arrived and I saw it contained a Nars lip pencil, I was over the moon!

The Nars ‘Rikugien’ Satin Lip Pencil (£18), is to die for with its nude peach shade with a slight pink undertone – kind of hard to explain, but it is to die for. I’m not usually one for nude shades, but I absolutely love this shade as it’s the perfect everyday lip and its a nude shade that I can actually pull off, as they do not usually suit my pale complexion. As nudes are all the rage at the moment, this shade is perfect especially for those who have quite pale skin tones as it just livens the complexion up rather than making you look even more pale, as other nudes would.

As the name suggests, the finish of this particular lip pencil is a satin finish, meaning it’s not matte in anyway. I don’t really get on well with matte finishes as my lips are quite dry, meaning they cling to my lips and dry them out even more. Whereas the satin formula is a lot more moisturising and has a nice sheen to the finish, giving a glossy look that I really love.

After trying out this one I cannot wait to get my hands on more of the Nars lip pencils, especially in a more berry pink shade or a deep red – my favourite kind of shades.

Have you tried out any of the Nars lip pencils?