Real Techniques Nic’s Picks Set

It’s been a little while since I picked up some new Real Techniques brushes, or talked about them on the blog but i’ve recently picked up the Nic’s Picks Set and I thought it was about time I gave it a review – especially as it would make a great Christmas present!

Real Techniques is by far my favourite brand when it comes to makeup brushes as I cannot fault them in anyway. They apply makeup flawlessly, they are of great quality and they are really affordable. 

Ever since I saw the Real Techniques Nic’s Picks Set (£29.99) all over instagram a good 12 months ago, i’d pretty much set my heart on it but it wasn’t until they released the set in silver that I decided to order them. Luckily I managed to pick them up on Amazon for a really good price and I have not regretted it one bit, and I just love the silver touch to these as they look so classy.

This set contains (as the name would suggest) five of Nic’s favourite brushes from the Real Techniques range, along with three exclusive brushes to the set. The Duo Fiber Brush is the only brush that I already owned from the set, but it’s one of my most used RT brushes so I knew welcoming another was a great idea. I’d also wanted to try out the Cheek Brush for quite sometime since reading reviews and as it’s a set exclusive there was no other way of trying it out. It is great for contouring as its the perfect shape for getting into the hollows of the cheeks and also around the temples/jaw, but also doubles as a buffing brush if ever needed.

Onto the eye brushes within the set, and the Base Shadow Brush is also one i’d never used and the shape of this brush is perfect for applying your base eyeshadow, but also great for multitasking and blending into the crease. Another set exclusive is the Angled Shadow Brush and again, the angled shape to this brush is great for getting right into the crease and packing on colour to the lid. Finally we have the Eyeliner Brush, which i’ve been using to do my eyebrows with and its the perfect shape really as it’s slightly smaller than the RT Brow Brush, which means you can get a more precise shape to them.

Overall this set is great as you’ve got every brush you’d need to create an entire makeup look and it’s so affordable compared to the price of the individual brushes.

Have you tried out the Nic’s Picks set?