This Week I #41

This week hasn’t been the best of weeks in all honesty. I’ve had three days off work ill but i’m feeling a lot more better now and more like myself after a few days rest. I also got up to some fun things towards the end of the week, which made up for a crappy beggining of the week.

Started my advent calender – Seems like a pretty obvious one as everyone started their advent calenders this week, but being 21 my Mum thought I was ‘too old’ for one but she eventually got me one. I love the whole run up to Christmas and it gets me so excited to just spend time with the people I care about.

Went to The Clothes Show Live – On Friday I got to go to The Clothes Show Live at the NEC and I was lucky enough to get a press pass, which i’m so thankful for. I met up with the lovely Emma, who I have been speaking to for a long time, ever since I started blogging really so it was lovely to finally meet her. I’ll be doing a post dedicated to the entire day, so keep checking back for that.

I’m driving down to Plymouth today to see my Dad, so expect a more exciting post next weekend and I may do a little post on my time down there, if I get up to anything exciting.

What have you been up to this week?