What I Got For Christmas 2014

As promised, I wanted to show you guys some of the lovely and thoughtful gifts that I received for Christmas this year, as you all seem to enjoy these posts and I also love seeing what other people got for Christmas. As always, no bragging here, just giving you guys a chance to be nosey!

This Christmas I asked for quite a lot of beauty related items, as i’d had my eye on them for quite some time but I just hadn’t had the time or money to get my hands on them. 

First up beauty wise are some amazing presents from my Dad and Step Mum. I’d asked them for the MAC ‘Show Orchid’ Lipstick, which I spotted in duty free but unfortunately was sold out at the time and they also kindly got me MAC ‘Magenta’ Lip Liner to go along with it, and it will suit a fair few of my other lipstick shades. They also got me a MAC Keepsakes Makeup Bag from the MAC Holiday Collection, which is so pretty and will come in so handy for travelling. I’d been wanting the Urban Naked Palette for such a long time, so I was ecstatic when I opened this beauty up and I am already loving it! From my Mum and Step Dad, they picked up Marc Jacobs Oh Lola!, which i’d never smelt before but I adore it. I’m a huge lover of the Marc Jacobs scents, so this is a lovely addition to my collection. 

From my Boyfriend, he treated me to some lovely bits from Lush and he did so well! Of course he got me Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel, which i’d kind of hinted at and i’m so glad he got me the big bottle as i’ve just finished up my last one. He also picked out the Lush Christmas Candy Box, which has a bunch of different products including a mini snow fair shower gel, candy mountain and a couple of other bits. Lastly from Lush, he picked up the Lush Father Christmas which smells just like the snow fairy scent. I cannot wait to give all of the a whirl, and it’s safe to say I don’t need to be taking any trips to Lush for a while!

Of course at Christmas, you always receive a few different gift sets and the ones I got this year I cannot wait to try out. From my Step Dads Family, I got the Nivea Nourishing Beautiful Skin Set which has some products in that i’ve wanted to try for ages! From my best friend Abi, she got me the I Love… A Big Box of Love Raspberry & Blackberry Gift Set. This stuff smells amazing and I cannot wait to give these products a go.

Last of the beauty products, and my Mum kindly got me Pretty Honest by Sally Hughes after i’d seen so many blogger raving about it. I’m not a big book fan, but after having a flick through this the other day I cannot wait to read it. It covers so many different aspects of beauty, that I think i’ll learn a trick or two. Also from my dog Maisie (a.k.a my Mum) she got me this lovely Homebase Mulberry and Vanilla Scented Candle, which smells amazing! The closest thing I can compare it to, is bubblegum and I cannot stop sniffing it! 

This year I really wanted some new Pj’s or loungewear, but I didn’t actually ask for any, but my Step Dad got me a lovely Cath Kidston Nightwear Set. It is the softest, most cosiest Pj set that I ever owned and I have not stopped wearing the bottoms around the house. My Mum kindly got me the matching Cath Kidston Bed Socks to match, which again are so cosy and have the little grip pads on the bottom so you can wear them almost like slippers. 

Finally onto the last few items, and I received a couple of jewellery pieces this year. From my Boyfriend, he got the me Pandora Delicate Heart Ring which I absolutely love and have not taken it off since I got it. He got some major brownie points this Christmas! From my Dad and Step Mum, they got me this beautiful Karen Millen Bangle, which is such a stunning piece and I cannot wait to style this. Lastly from my Mum, is this Breville Blend Active, which I did ask for as i’ve really been getting into my smoothies and I wanted something a little more travel friendly and less messy. I cannot wait to start whizzing up smoothies in the new year! 

So that is mostly everything that I got for Christmas! I did get a few other bits and pieces, like chocolate, money and a 2015 male model calendar off my friend Megan, can always count on her! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

What did you get for Christmas this year?