Winter Skincare Staples

It’s been a little while since I spoke about my current skincare picks or skincare in general and with the colder weather rolling its way on in, I thought i’d talk about some of my staple skincare products for the winter.

When it comes to winter, the cold temperatures and gale force winds can be quite harsh on our skin and I find that during the winter my skin is constantly dry, even more so than usual so I like to really rev up the moisture, whilst also products to help combat dry skin.


There is some major love for The Body Shop in this post as I just love their skincare. All of their products are cruelty free, vegetarian and so affordable that you can’t not give them a try. Starting off with a recent addition and current serum of choice is The Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum (£12). This is aimed at the more sensitive skin type, ones that need a little extra care, but is also great at adding an extra boost of hydration before then applying your usual moisturiser. I’ve found it’s really been helping combat my dry areas, especially on my forehead and it seems to be providing that little extra protection that the skin needs throughout the day. The only thing I don’t like is the smell, but you can soon get past that.


Next is one of my favourite cleansers to use during the winter months and this is The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter (£12). I love the oil version of this cleanser, but I find this one to be a lot nicer to use during the colder months as it works great to remove makeup, but it’s also really gentle on the skin and the oil/butter formula to it just sinks in – instantly hydrating.


Moving onto masks now and a great one to use especially when it comes to exfoliating the skin is The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask (£10). What is great about this is that it can be used on any skin type to give the skin a deep cleanse, whilst also opening up the pores and exfoliating any dead skin away. I love a good clay mask, but this one is all the better as it heats up when applied to the skin to really refine and revitalise the skin.  Moving onto a more moisturising face mask and my current favourite is the Rodial Super Acids X-treme Hangover Mask* (£45). The name of this mask kind of suggests what the skin is going to be like, dry, dehydrated and just lacking of moisture, so this is a great pick for just giving the skin a good pick me up – whether you’re hungover or not.


So those are my winter skincare staples when it comes to combating dry skin due to the cold and harsh weather!


What are your winter skincare staples?