Boots Haul #6 – 70% off Sale Purchases

I’m sure most of you were aware that Boots reduced all of their Christmas sale stock yesterday to 70% off the full price, which they keep very hush and don’t really announce but I managed to pick up a few bits so i’d thought i’d share what I picked up.

I mainly went in to see what Soap & Glory products they had left, but I wasn’t holding out much hope as I knew a lot of things had already sold out but after perusing the aisles in my local Boots I saw the Soap & Glory Eau-La-La Gift Set (£16) hiding on some shelves right at the bottom (very sneaky Boots) and as it was reduced to less than £5 I knew I had to get it. It comes with minis of the Orangeasm Body Wash and Body Butter, and I think a full size of the Super Tonic, which I haven’t tried so i’m happy to have that in my life. By the looks this is still available online, but you never know with their website when it comes to sales! 

Also whilst perusing around the main area of the shop, away from the sales I saw the Origins Mask Marvels Gift Set (£33.33) which was marked at £30 in store but rung up as £19.99 on the till, which I was more than happy to pay seeing as one of these masks costs £23! The set comes with the Drink Me Up Intensive Over Night Mask, the Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask (which I swear was called something else before) and the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. I’ve only ever used one of these before, so i’m really happy to now have these and so will my skin.

I also picked up a present for my Mum’s birthday as all of the fragrance gift sets are 50% still, but I couldn’t really blog about it incase she reads it as I don’t want to spoil the surprise. However, my local Boots still had a lot of the fragrance gift sets, all half price, some even 70% off, so go check your local Boots out!

Did you manage to get any sale bargains?