Born Pretty Blush Palette

After receiving my first BornPretty product, their Blush & Contour Palette, I was excited to receive yet another blush palette from them. I’m really into my palettes at the moment as they come in so handy for travelling, and it gives you so many options to choose from.

As much as I loved the previous blush palette from Born Pretty, I was really excited when their 10 Colours Blush Palette* (£6.65) arrived on my doorstep as i’ve really been loving wearing blusher this winter, as I didn’t that much the previous winter. It just adds a nice amount of flush to the skin, that I really like in the winter.

This palette contains ten different blush shades with a variety of different blush shades, from light dusky pinks, to peachy pinks and bright pinks, with some matte and some shimmer, you’re really spoilt for choice! I’ve been particularly loving the two light pink shades in the top and bottom left corner, as well as a few of the peachy tones – I haven’t quite got to grips with the bright hot pink shades just yet. 

They are all really pigmented, so you need the smallest amount on the brush and just pay attention when applying the more bright shades, as I found when first testing out this palette. I’ve been using the shades within this palette quite a lot recently, almost everyday and i’ve found they last really well throughout the day. I also like that the shades that contain shimmer aren’t that shimmery, just adds a small amount without you looking glittery as i’ve found other shimmer blushes to do. The only down side to this palette, is that it doesn’t contain a mirror but I can get past that.

Overall i’m really impressed with the BornPretty palettes, and i’m so looking forward to growing my collection. Not only are their products really good in quality, they are so affordable and shipping only takes a couple of weeks – so win win! 

If you were thinking of purchasing from BornPretty, make sure to use my code ‘STYH10’ for 10% off!