End of Week Pamper

For most of us it’s the end of the working week, and for me Fridays are where I like to unwind and get myself ready for the weekend whether I have plans or not. I thought i’d share some of my favourite products to use when having an end of week pamper and you never know, you may find yourself running a bath after reading.

This week for me hasn’t been to stressful, but I definitely feel that I need to treat myself with half an hour of relaxation, so first step is to run a hot bath, light some candles and get your Youtube subscription box at the ready. I’m really loving Essie Buttons Vlog Channel at the minute and after meeting her at The Clothes Show, Brogan Tate xo has become a new favourite of mine.

Anyway, back to the bath and usually I will head on over to my Lush stash and see what i’ve got in there and here i’ve opted for the Luxury Lush Pud as my bath bomb of choice and also the Drummers Drumming Bubble Bar to add a few extra bubbles in there. I love the smell of these two products and they make your bath look so colourful that you’ll never want to get out! Usually whilst i’m having a pamper i’ll always whack out a hair mask, so after shampooing with whatever is lying around, i’ll coat the ends of my hair with The Body Shop Rain Forest Moisture Butter (£3) and leave that on for about 10 minutes, whilst catching up some Youtube videos. This mask is lovely as it just gives your hair a lovely conditioning, leaving it feeling so soft and also smelling pretty great.

Also whilst in the bath, a body scrub will always be involved and i’ve gone for my favourite Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub (£8) as if my bathroom isn’t already smelling sweet enough, i’ve added this into the mix. I love this scrub, as i’m sure you’re aware but it just leaves your skin feeling so soft and smelling incredible. After half an hour or so has past, i’ll eventually pull myself out of the bath, dry off and then coat myself with The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter (£13), which smells flipping incredible. I love this because it leaves my skin feeling so soft and also smelling like raspberry yoghurt, so good!

Once i’ve got into my cosiest pyjamas, i’ll then move onto the skincare side of things and firstly i’ll cleanse with whatever cleanser I decide and then go in with two face masks, yes two! First off is the Origins Clear Improvements Mask (£23), which is great for sorting out any blemishes and just giving your pores a good old clean. As clay masks can be quite stripping and drying, I then go in with the Origins Drink Up Mask (£23). (Yes i’ve photographed the wrong one, oops!) This, you apply and leave this for 10 minutes to just infuse some moisture back into the skin and I find a combo like this to work so well for my skin.

So that is my little guide to an end of week pamper, one that should work for everyone!

Are you having a pamper tonight?