Hydrating Skincare Products #3 – Face Masks

It’s been a little while since i’ve updated my hydrating skincare series and I thought what better way to start a fresh, it to focus on some of my favourite face masks for dehydrated/dry skin. Now i’ve featured some of these products a fair few times recently, but they are just so good that I had to ramble on about them some more.

I’m always on the hunt for a good face mask as I find them to really help my skin out, once or twice a week in the evening and it feels like my skin is as smooth as a babies bottom, if not smoother. I’ll always turn towards those face masks aimed at dry skin, as I suffer with dry skin and with the cold weather, my skin always needs a little pick me up.

One of my all time favourites is the Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Mask* (£43), which is one that I use on a weekly basis as it does some wonders to my skin. It’s clay formula put me off at first, as I always associated clay masks with spot prone/oily skin but this just transforms my skin. It’s formula contains a lot of oils and natural ingredients that are designed to deeply moisturise the skin such as, avocado oil, carrot oil, sunflower and aloe vera. It also works really great to restore the skins suppleness, which is why you’re left with lovely soft feeling skin. Although it’s a little pricey, it is a really good mask to have in your collection and it lasts such a long time, I don’t think i’ve hardly made a dent on this bottle and I use it all of the time.

Next up is one that you will have seen a lot of recently and this is the Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Hangover Mask* (£45) and the name would suggest that you’d use this on ‘hungover’ skin but in fact it is just a really great mask that rescues your skin when it really needs that boost. Again it’s a clay mask but it’s designed to resurface the skins texture by exfoliating, cleansing and restoring the skin to give a healthy and glowing complexion. I love to use this one on a Sunday to give my skin that nice refresh for the new week ahead as it leaves my skin looking so refreshed and restored. 

Last of the clay masks and this one is more a of budget friendly mask that everyone will love and this is The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask (£10). Now I have no idea how this mask does what it does, but you apply it to wet skin and it instantly starts to heat up, opening the pores and basically removing any crap off of your face. I love using this one when my skin hasn’t been too bad and needs a quick fix as this does exactly that – it’s also great for most skin types as it absorbs any excess oil and i’ve found it works quite well when i’ve got a few blemishes.

Last but not least is the Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Mask* (£14.50), which is a lovely creamy yet gentle mask that give the skin that little lift. If I find that my skin is still feeling a little dry after using the clay masks, then i’ll whack this on for a good ten minutes and it just infuses that extra moisture that the skin sometimes needs. I also like to use this on it’s own if my skin hasn’t been too bad, as it just restores the skin and gives it the hydration that it needs after a long day. 

What are your favourite face masks to use?