Models Own Colour Chrome

When it comes to nail polishes, Models Own are one of my favourite go to brands as they have such a huge variety of nail polishes and every release is better than their last. Their newest Colour Chrome collection is the first metal effect nail polish that i’ve seen from any drugstore brand and i’m really excited to be trying out a few shades from the collection.

The new Models Own Colour Chrome Collection contains ten molten metal shades, which give a stunning luxe liquid metal effect to the nails, that is like no other. 

I’ve always wanted to delve into the metal nail trend but usually to achieve them you’d have to go to a nail salon, which means spending more money than it’s worth. So with the release of this new Models Own collection, it means you can get metal style nails with a super shiny foil finish for just £4.99 a bottle! 

The lovely team at WizardPR were kind enough to send me a few of the shades and i’m so excited to try them out. First up is Chrome Green* (£4.99), as the name suggests is this beautiful metallic green shade that I wouldn’t usually go for but this shade is actually stunning. I’d definitely rock it with an all white outfit to bring a pop of colour to the nails. Next is Chrome Gold* (£4.99), which I liked the look of before I even received these and the shade is beautiful. I can just imagine myself rocking this, with a nice tan during the summer. Finally is Chrome Silver* (£4.99), my favourite from the range and I can see myself getting so much wear out of this one!

What I love is that these nail polishes aren’t like your standard metallic nail polishes, they have a slightly different finish that appears quite matte on the nails with a sheen to them. You only need one coat, which is great if you’re in a rush but two coats just makes the colour appear more vivid.

Overall i’m really impressed and I cannot wait to rock these in the summer months, especially with a good (fake) tan!

Have you tried out the new Colour Chrome collection?