Products to Try in 2015

With 2015 in full effect, i’ve recently been looking into the products and brands that I want to try more from this year, after reading one to many rave reviews from various bloggers last year they have definitely made me set my sights on some pretty, yet expensive products.

I’m a huge sucker for Nars as they are still one of my favourite high end beauty brands, but as I missed out on their last Narsissist Palette i’ve now set my sights on their latest release, the Nars Narsissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette ($79). I’m not entirely sure if this is available in the UK as of yet, but if/when it does I will be rushing out to get this. The shades in this palette are perfect for me as I would wear pretty much all of these shades and apparently the pigmentation of these shadows is amazing! Another product from Nars is their Audacious ‘Charlotte’ Lipstick (£24) and the only reason I want this is because it’s called Charlotte. I also really like the look of this shade and from the swatches i’ve seen, it is definitely one i’d love!

Moving on Charlotte Tilbury and boy did her products get a lot of blogger loving last year, so much that I think it left us all lusting after her products. First up is the Film Star Bronze & Glow (£49) which is just beautiful. Not only is the packaging absolutely stunning, but the shades look like they’d suit any skin tone and if this doesn’t make me look flawless I don’t know what will. Next up is the The Golden Godess Luxury Eyeshadow Palette (£38) and this is just beautiful. Again all of the shades in this palette are absolutely stunning and that packaging – wow! Lastly from Charlotte Tilbury is the Matte Revolution ‘Glastonberry’ Lipstick (£) which literally exploded onto the blogger scene with so many rave reviews, so of course i’m going to want to try it. I love a good berry shade and i’m slowly warming to matte formulas and again that gold packaging is to die for!

Continuing with beautiful gold hardware, the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set (£55) has had a place in my heart for s very long time. That rose gold hardware just makes me drool and those brushes look absolutely stunning. Again the rave reviews have made me want this set even more and if these brushes are as soft as everyone claims, then i’m going to be very impressed! The last product on my list is the Origins Make A Difference Night (£34.50) as my skin has been so dry lately that I need something to really sort that out and this overnight repair cream sounds like it would work a treat. 

What products/brands do you want to try in 2015?