Staying Organised Tips/ How I Stay Organised

Let me start off by saying that I am probably the least organised person there is, but when it comes to blogging I have to organise myself in some way just so i’m up to date with where i’m at and what I need to do. I thought i’d share some tips on how I try to keep myself organised and if you’re struggling, then some of these may help.

As I blog on a daily basis (or try to at least), I find that organising myself really does benefit me as it allows me to get ahead of myself, whilst also giving my brain a bit of a break from thinking. Up until recently I didn’t really organise myself all that much, i’d schedule a few posts here and there if/when i’d have a day off but a lot of the time i’d leave it until the day of to get a blog post up and photographs taken. There is nothing wrong with that, as I still do this occasionally, but I always found i’d worry that I hadn’t got any written or how i’d find time to get another post up – worrying doesn’t do me or anyone any good, so i’ve taken it upon myself to pretty much force myself to organise my time/blogging schedule and here is how I do it.


1. Lists and lots of them – This is such a clique thing amongst us bloggers, but I find lists to be so helpful when it comes to jotting down ideas for posts. Usually i’ll sit down on a Sunday (or when I can) and just jot down all of the ideas i’ve had that week, and also scroll through my bloglovin’ feed to see if I can spark any inspiration for posts. I find it be really helpful because I can then refer back to these lists, rather than having to rack my brain and it just saves a lot of time in the long run.


2. Plan ahead/schedule posts – Following on from the lists, I then usually expand and plan exactly what blog posts I want to get up that week and which days I want to post them on and this then allows me to get started with my schedule of when I can get them written and when I can get photographs taken. Also this is where scheduling posts comes in handy as it allows you to get ahead of yourself. If I have a free evening i’ll attempt to get at least the writing side of the posts put together and then the following day i’ll take advantage of the good light and get a batch of blog photos taken or vice versa, just use your time effectively.


3. Stationary – Us bloggers love a good bit of stationary don’t we?! I sure do and it sounds really silly but stationary just makes me want to stay organised, especially if it’s new and has a pretty design on the front. Some of favourite places to look for stationary are Paperchase, as they have so many pretty designs and I also love my Emma Bridgewater Notebook as it’s great for jotting things down in, and it’s the perfect size to take everywhere with me.


4.  Computer files, keep it simple – This relates to my Macbook, which isn’t the most organised may I say as i’m not one of those bloggers that has folders on folders of images, i’d just get confused so I keep it simple. I have one folder called Blog’ and then within that folder I have another folder that for now is called ‘A’ (don’t ask, I don’t know obviously was having a PLL day) and then a bunch of misc. images. Within the ‘A‘ folder, this is where all of images go after I import them through iPhoto, I then edit the pictures, save them, and then delete any unedited images – your images are in one place, easy to find and just simple as can be.


5. Declutter your space – I often find that if my desk area is a mess, then I cannot concentrate for the life of me, which then puts me off track and my organisation goes out the window. I find the best thing to do, before you even think about sitting down is to just clear out any crap that is going to distract you, whether that means throwing it on the floor then so be it.


How do you stay organised? – Give me some tips!