Highlighting & Contouring 101

Contouring and highlighting is something that I wasn’t familiar with at all until I started blogging and now I understand why most celebs look absolutely flawless the majority of the time. I’m no pro but I thought i’d share some of my favourite products when it comes to contouring and highlighting.

 Now most celebrities have amazing makeup artists who know what they are doing, but us bloggers just have to get the job done ourselves. Now i’m not the best at contouring and I don’t follow the rules of contouring, where you make yourself practically look like a lion and then miraculously blend it all in. I stick to the standard hallows of your cheeks, temples and a slight amount of highlight on the top of the cheeks bone, simple, easy and a lot more natural looking.

My current favourite contour comes from the Makeup Revolution ‘Golden Sugar’ Blush Palette* (£6). The dark brown matte shade in the bottom right corner is just beautiful, so pigmented and defines my cheeks bones like no other. You literally need the smallest amount of this and although it looks quite muddy, it doesn’t apply muddy at all which is a bonus. The highlight shades in this palette are great also, especially the top left pearlescent shade as it just catches the light really subtly. 

A long time contour and highlight love has to be the Nars One Night Blush Palette (£45). Laguna, the bronzer shade is a must have in anyones stash and is a lovely contour that suits any skin tone and looks so natural. Devotee, the highlight shade is also a beautiful highlight that offers a just the right amount of shimmer and looks beautiful on the skin.

The bronzer that I reach for the most is The Body Shop Honey Bronzer (£13) and this is great for a subtle everyday contour. If you’re just getting into contouring or you don’t like the whole defined cheek bone look, this one is a great option and I love that this is matte, as it’s hard to find a good drugstore matte bronzer these days! If you haven’t tried this yet, you need to go give it a swatch! 

Lastly is my cream contour and highlight picks and these are the Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick* (£5). Before these I always used powder based contour/highlight products and using a cream option, I find just gives a more defined look. Matte Malibu, the contour shade is beautiful to apply and creates a lovely contour but you need the smallest amount, especially if you’re pale like me – little goes a long way! As for Dream, this is a lovely cream highlight shade that you can apply really easily with your fingers and again blends lovely to give a subtle highlight.

What are you favourite contour/highlight products?