Lush Valentines Picks

It’s safe to say my Lush addiction has definitely come into full effect after going a bit mad in the Boxing Day sales, and when they released their new Valentines collection I just knew I had to pick up a few to try – they are limited edition after all!

After seeing a fair few products from the Lush Valentines range floating around the blogosphere, I knew which products I wanted to get my hands on and I only ended up picking up two products – I was well behaved.

As I love the bath bombs from Lush the Floating Flower (£3.50) was one that I knew I needed to try and when I first I smelt this, the scent was to die for. It has a lovely sweet floral scent that has filled my bathroom with the scent and I haven’t even used it yet! I can’t wait to see what patterns this will make in my bath, as it looks very promising on their website.

The other product I knew I had to get was the Unicorn Horn (£3.25), how cute is this?! I honestly don’t want to use it, but I can’t wait to either! As this is a bubble bar I know i’ll get a fair few uses out of it and it smells so lovely, quite similar to the previous one but not at potent. 

So those are the few bits I picked up from their Valentines range. I was going to get another Love Locket but they are quite expensive and i’ve got a fair few others one to get through, so I couldn’t really justify it and the other products from the range I doubt i’d use.

Have you picked up anything from their Valentines Collection?