Cream Blush Loving

Recently i’ve been loving cream blushers, and even opting for them over that of powder blushers more so recently. I thought it would be fun to share some of my recent cream blush purchases and a couple of my favourites also and if you didn’t love cream blushers, then you may after this post.

I’ve always been a powder blush fan as I find them so easy to work with and i’m sure everyone starts out with a powder based blush. I’d never really delved into the cream blush world until I found a sample knocking about and kind of fell in love. Cream blushers may sound a little scary and some can be difficult to work with, but so far i’ve found some really good blushers that blend so lovely and provide a lovely pop to the cheeks.


Starting with a recent purchase and this is the Seventeen Cheek Stamp (£4.99), which I know sounds and looks rather odd, but i’m in love with this product. As the name suggests you literally stamp the blush onto the cheeks and then using a stippling brush, blend this into the cheeks to give a lovely pop. I believe that this sets like a powder blush but applies as a cream and I really like how this looks on the cheeks. It blends really well and you literally need to stamp once onto the cheeks for a good amount of colour.


A long favourite of mine is the Makeup Revolution ‘Matte Pink’ Blush Stick* (£5), which is a cream blush in a stick form. This you apply in a similar way to the cheek stamp, by lightly dotting it onto the cheeks and then blending with a stippling brush. What I really like about this one is that it is matte, so no shimmer and the colour is just lovely – can you tell I like light pink blushers?!


Another recent purchase is the L’oreal Nude Magique BB Blush (£7.99), which isn’t exactly a cream blush, it’s more of a gel blush that is so smooth to apply but gives such a lovely pink flush to the cheeks. I usually apply this using my fingers, dabbing it onto the cheeks and then blending out. Just be careful when trying to squeeze this out of the tube, as it can have a mind of it’s own.


Lastly is one of my recent favourites and this the Topshop ‘Morning Dew’ Cream Blush (£7). I picked this up in the sale and i’m so glad I did, as i’ve used it non stop. Applying similarly to the other blushers, using my finger to dab it onto the cheeks and then blending out with a stippling brush. I really like the formula of this blush as it is a lot more creamier and easier to work with, hence why I wear it all the time.


So those are some of favourite cream blush products!


Do you have any cream blush recommendations?