Recent MAC Additions

It’s true what they say, once you’ve purchased your first MAC lipstick there is no going back and i’m always on the hunt to add new shades to my constantly growing collection of MAC lipsticks. I thought i’d share a few recent purchases since posting about my MAC Lipstick Collection, and also do mini reviews on the shades themselves.

It’s safe to say that my MAC lipstick collection is very streamlined to exactly what I want and the shades that I know i’d get the wear out of, i’m not one of those people who buys some crazy shade just because it was limited edition, I swear some people forget how expensive these lipsticks are once you add them all up.


I’m a huge lover of pink shades as these suit me best, often warmer pinks and berry shades as you will have seen from my collection so these three shades I knew would fit well into my collection and i’d get a lot of wear out of them. My first ever limited edition purchase (sort of) and one that I can’t stop wearing is the MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick (£15.50), which i’d seen popping up slowly on a few blogs and I decided to treat myself when getting my new job. I’ve already done a review of this shade, so go and check that out here for a more in depth review, but the shade itself is a bright vibrant pink that I cannot get enough of. What is great is that the formula is amplified, my favourite finish of MAC lipsticks and it just suits me so well.


These next two shades were quite spontaneous purchases from the lovely Kate from Sugarfixx Beauty. She was having a little Twitter sale and I spotted these two shades, which i’d sort of seen around and knowing they would suit me I snapped them up from here. The first shade is MAC ‘Lovelorn’ Lipstick (£15.50), which is probably the lightest pink shade i’ve ever owned but it is lovely and not nude at all. It’s a lustre finish so it’s not too pigmented and applies so nicely onto the lips, giving a lovely yet subtle pink pop. I’ve been wearing this a lot with a very minimal makeup look and I love it so far. Secondly is MAC ‘Flat Out Fabulous’ Lipstick (£15.50), which is shade i’ve loved every time i’ve seen it in store but never picked up because of it being a matte shade and I kind of forgot this when purchasing it, but i’m so glad I did because it’s actually really comfortable to wear. This shade is lovely true plum pink that works so well with my MAC ‘Magenta’ Lip Pencil (£12.50), these two are like a match made in heaven and i’ve been getting so many compliments.


So those are the few MAC lipsticks i’ve recently added to my collection and i’m so pleased with them so far. I’m sure i’ll be featuring them soon in a makeup look, so look out for those if you’re wanting to see them on.


Have you purchased any new MAC lipsticks recently?