The Makeup Revolution Low Down

I thought it was about time I sat down and wrote a lengthy post about all of the products that i’d recommend trying out from Makeup Revolution. Seeing as they have been killing it recently, releasing new products on a weekly basis and so many people raving about their products, giving you guys the low down was going to happen sooner or later.

If you’re not familiar with Makeup Revolution, then where have you been? Having launched just over a year ago with the motto of making everything ‘revolutionary’ from the quality of each product, to the price and the availability, they have definitely stuck to this and delivered with every product that they have released within the past year. Now with over 300 products in their range and being stocked in Superdrug, it’s safe to say they definitely have something for everyone without having to break the bank. 

It’s safe to say my Makeup Revolution collection is quite a big one, and it was hard to whittle down the products that i’d recommend trying but I focused on products that I knew would work for everyone, and I couldn’t not include my favourites also. Get yourself a cuppa as this is going to be a long one!

Starting with probably my favourite product, blushers and it’s safe to say I have a fair few favourites from Makeup Revolution within my collection. The Golden Sugar’ Blush & Contour Palette* (£6) is my most used product and the shades within this palette are absolutely stunning, with a mixture of highlight, blush and highlighter, which have a lovely iridescent finish to them. I use the contour shades on a daily basis as they look so natural on the skin and I blush shades are so easy to work with as they are so subtle, but build able whilst also adding a tiny amount of highlight. If you were to get one product from Makeup Revolution, i’d highly recommend this one.

Another blush favourite of mine is the Pink Dew’ The One Fluid Blush* (£3). Previous to this i’d never used a liquid blush but after using this i’ve definitely been converted. Originally I thought they’d be really messy and far too pigmented, but they are the polar opposite as you have to somewhat build the colour – meaning you don’t ruin your base. I find you have to work quite quickly with these but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be fine. I also own the ‘Malibu Ocean’ shade, which I use for contour and again I really enjoy using that one also.

The Makeup Revolution Powder Blush* (£1) are also a favourite of mine, especially for the price and the quality of them is amazing. They have a huge variety of shades and the few that I own are all lovely to work with, as the pigmentation is pretty good and they are also fairly long lasting throughout the day. My last blush favourite is The One Blush Stick* (£5), which I own in a few shades and they are of all cream formula, some matte and some shimmer. They are so easy to work with and apply like a dream, whilst also being quite pigmented. I really like the Matte Malibu for contour and the Matte Dream for a light pink blush. Overall their blush selection is quite big and you’re bound to find one product that would work for you.

Moving onto brows, which previous to owning these products i’d never really switched up my brow routine. The Focus & Fix Brow Kit* (£2.50) is one that I really enjoy using, especially for a budget brow product. The powders are a really good match for my eyebrows and I love using the gel to set my brows in place, as it just makes them appear so much sleeker. If you’re looking for a good budget brow kit, then i’d really recommend this one! Another brow favourite is their Ultra Aqua Brow Tint* (£), which is a great brow tint when it comes to adding colour to your brows. I did find this took some getting used to but once you’ve got the hang of it you’re good to go. I love how defined this makes my brows look, but I do wish they did a shade in between medium and dark.

Now the Makeup Revolution palettes are definitely the best out of their product range, mainly because they have so many to choose from with a lot of them being amazing dupes for many high end palettes out there. Their Iconic Palettes are amazing dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, and all of the shadows are of amazing pigmentation. They’ve also recently launched their Iconic Pro Palettes, which are great dupes for the Lorac Pro Palettes, which we can’t get here in the UK – so this is amazing! They have so many palettes within their collection and all of the ones that I own, I LOVE!

After loving the selection of palettes that I have in my collection, I was excited to try out their mascaras as I can be quite fussy when it comes to mascara. The Viper Mascara* (£3) is probably one of my favourite mascaras as it works wonders on my lashes. The brush is very different to any that i’ve seen before, but the curved/ripple shape works so well to add volume and length to the lashes and I use this mascara all of them time. You can’t go wrong really, especially at just £3!

Finally onto lips, and I haven’t really tried out many of their lip products but the ones I have, have impressed me so much. The Ultra Velour Lip Creams* (£3) are one of my favourite lip products, mainly because they are so easy to wear as they are really light on the lips. With ten shades to choose from, from nude, to red and some pinks thrown in there you’re bound to find a few that suit you, as have I. I also really like their Lipsticks, especially the Atomic Ruby Lipstick* (£1) as the red is lovely on me and the formula is lovely, not matte but not too shiny. They have so many lipstick shades to choose from, and I really should add more to my collection.

So those are a few of my favourite products from Makeup Revolution, a brand that I would recommend to anyone mainly because they are so affordable but offer an amazing variety of products that are all of amazing quality.

What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products?