When You’re Feeling Disconnected From Your Blog

For the past couple of weeks i’ve started to feel somewhat disconnected from this little space on the internet, mainly because of my recent job change I can no longer be so active on my blog/social media throughout the day as I was before. From this i’ve been trying my hardest to find a little down time, where I can do anything to reconnect and I thought i’d share a few tips on what i’ve been doing, as i’m sure you’ve all felt disconnected from your blog at some point.

I’d never really knew or understood what it felt like to feel disconnected from your blog, not to the extent I do now anyway and it’s not the nicest feeling in the world but I think a change in circumstances will always have a knock on effect and will take some adjusting, and mainly time. I wanted to share what i’ve found works for me, when feeling down about my blog as I always turn to blog tips posts and just like any other blog posts tips style post, take this with a pinch of salt and these are just things i’ve found that have worked for me and I hope some of these tips will help you also.

1. Reply to comments – For my replying to blog post comments is something I always turn to and i’ve found that replying to blog posts comments has really helped to give myself that little blog fix. Although it only takes around 10-15 minutes out of your day, it’s definitely one way that i’ve felt reconnected with not only my blog but especially with my readers.

2. Stay as active as possible on social media – Recently i’ve had to start scheduling tweets throughout the day, in order for my blog to gain that little bit more exposure as I don’t get the time to tweet links on the hour, every hour anymore. Having said that, just putting out the odd random tweet or just quickly replying to tweets throughout the day, again makes it feel like i’m connecting with you readers/fellow bloggers and those little chit chats cheer me up immensely. 

3. Don’t schedule so far ahead – Following on from the previous point, i’ve found that scheduling myself so far ahead feels good at the time, because you’re being productive but it also takes a lot of the fun out of blogging. If like me you have to schedule yourself, then thats what you’ve got to do but finding a good schedule that works for you is also good to have. For example, I make sure to get all of my blog post pictures taken on a Sunday, then i’ve got the evenings to type up blog posts and if I know i’ve got a busy week ahead, then i’ll take advantage of scheduling ahead. 

4. Remember why you love blogging – One thing that I find always keeps me going, is just remembering exactly why I started my blog and why I still love it to this day. I’ve had a few people asking if i’m going to give up my blog because of feeling disconnected, and just being asked that gives a ‘are you mad?!’ response haha! 

5. Talk to other bloggers – Being a part of the most supportive network of people is what makes blogging so fun, so I will always reach out to other bloggers when i’m having a rough patch. Asking for advice or just generally having a good old natter just instantly makes me feel better, and just knowing you’re not the only one helps also!

6. Take some down time – Even though you’re feeling disconnected, taking a break might seem like it would only make you feel even more disconnected but i’ve found that it can often help. I’ve found that from taking a break it allows me to get some head space in order to get a fresh outlook and to draw some new inspiration for when I do sit down to write up a new post. 

So those are just a few things i’ve been doing recently to help me feel less disconnected from my blog and although it is a little hard at times, i’m definitely getting into a good routine that I feel is working okay for me for now.

How do you deal with feeling disconnected from your blog?