Blogging With a Full Time Job

Running a blog when you have a full time job is hard, and the majority of bloggers who do will most probably agree that it takes a lot of time and dedication sometimes, especially when you’re juggling other things in your life aswell. Having said that, I would never give up on my blog because of my job and I thought today i’d share some tips on how I manage blogging, whilst having a full time job.

I’ve always had to juggle blogging around work and previously university, but I was always able to manage it quite easily as my previous job was part time, so I always had days where I could get photos taken and posts scheduled. With my recent job change, things have changed as I know work 9-5 everyday and often my evenings/weekends are jam packed, so finding time to blog is often difficult but it’s something i’ve had to adapt to, and these are a few tips on how I do it.

Schedule, schedule and scedhule! – Scheduling has not only become my blogging best friend but also an absolute life saver at times. Everyone always says that getting ahead of yourself is a nice feeling but it has become a routine for me, as it really allows me to keep my content consistent. I’ll usually try to get a few posts typed up on the weekend and then on my free evenings i’ll attempt to get more written so I can keep my schedule on track.

Making time – It sounds a bit daft but making time to blog is often a necessity, for me anyway. As I can’t blog during the days, I always save either an hour or two at the weekends to get the weeks blog pictures take, that way they are ready for when I need them. Just setting a side an hour or two in the evenings or the weekends makes a huge difference, and it’s less worry.

Post timetable – Going back to school days with the timetables here, but setting up a timetable/schedule of what post is going live on which day makes blogging so much easier. I have a notebook dedicated to my blog posts, jotting down what posts are going up when and also ticking them off once they are written. It really helps to know you’re on track and it also gives you a clear mind, knowing everything is running correctly. 

Getting into a routine – I know, routines are boring but once you’ve got a blogging routine in place, you’ll worry less and you’ll know exactly what is going on with your blog. Finding your own routine can take a while and i’m still fitting into mine, as some things can often throw a spanner in the works and throw your routine off track, but once you’re there it’ll feel like a piece of cake!

Organisation – This one comes into everything i’ve mentioned, but i’ve found that making myself stay organised has really helped over the past couple of months and has proven to me that organisation can work in your favour, especially when you’re a busy bee like me!

Enjoy it! – Often you forget that blogging is a hobby as it can feel like a chore at times, but just remember to enjoy it and not to take things so seriously!

Do you blog and have a full time job? What are your tips?