Recent Accessories Additions

Recently i’ve really been getting into accessories as they make such a nice touch to an outfit, but i’ve been on the look out for more quirky pieces to add into my collection. I thought today i’d share a few accessories that i’ve recently added into my collection, which are not only super cute but also really affordable.

As you can tell, even though i’ve been adding new pieces to my collection, the majority of these pieces are quite simple and not too much of a statement piece. Pieces like these are great pieces to have in any jewellery collection if you ask me, as they can be worn in so many different ways and with so many different outfits that the possibilities are endless.

For a while now i’ve been on the hunt for some longer necklaces, as I don’t really own many that haven’t gone all green. When I first saw that H&M were releasing a Coachella range, I was so excited to see what accessories they would come out with as I just knew i’d love it. When I saw the H&M Loves Coachella 6-Pack Necklaces (£9.99), I just knew I had to have them especially as they were such a bargain. Admittedly not all of the necklaces I would wear, but the majority I love especially the crystal necklace, the long tassel necklace and the half moon necklace. All of these i’ve been layering up and I just love the way that they look on a daily basis.

Also when it comes to jewellery, earrings are another that i’m constantly adding into my collection as I have both lobes pierced twice. I’m not a huge fan of dangly earrings, so I stick to studs but I try to find some quirky yet pretty designs. When I was contacted by Gemporia, to pick out a piece of jewellery I instantly started perusing their earrings because I knew their selection would be made of the best metals, as I sometimes have reactions to cheap metal. These Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Earrings* (£18), are a beautiful pair and the heart shape gives a girly touch to them. I’ve been wearing them so much recently and they give such an elegant touch to any outfit. Make sure to check out Gemporia as they have a huge selection of products, at amazingly affordable prices.

Have you picked up any new accessories recently?