Lip Edit: Spring Lip Picks

Following on from my Spring Beauty Edit I thought i’d share a little more on the products i’ll be pulling out for Spring and today ai thought i’d focus on lip products, as I always switch up the tones and shades during the warmer months.

Stepping away from the berry shades is usually what tends to happen during the warmer months and I always seem to opt for more pinky shades. Recently i’ve really been enjoying shades that this time last year I probably would have steered clear from, which is a nice transition and I thought some of you may like these shades too!


Starting off with my most recent lipstick edition, the Max Factor ‘Stardust Pink’ Lipstick (£7.99). This lipstick has been a replacement for MAC ‘Lovelorn’ Lipstick (£15.50), which I temporarily lost but both of these shades are the perfect light pink for us who can’t pull off nude pinks. Both of these shades are super subtle but still buildable and look lovely for an everyday subtle spring makeup look. Now the Stardust Pink is a little more nude than Lovelorn but both shades I have loved wearing the past few weeks!


Onto a more colourful pink and a lipstick I have loved for quite a while is MAC ‘Lustering’ Lipstick (£15.50), which is a lovely rose pink shade that again is quite subtle due to it’s lustre finish but gives a lovely summery pop to the lips. Another MAC pick for spring is MAC ‘Plumful’ Lipstick (£15.50) as this shade is a lovely toned down plum that you can pull off anytime of the year. This is probably my most worm MAC lipstick and one I know a lot of people love!


My last pick comes from Nars, a brand that I love and need to try more of but one thing I do know is that their lip pencils are amazing. The Nars ‘Rikugien’ Satin Lip Pencil (£19) is a lovely peach pink that has such a lovely sheen to it that I could never really pull off with my usual black outfits, so I saved it for summer for when I opt more for lighter colours. This finish of this is beautiful and I need to try more shades from their lip pencil range.


What are your Spring lip picks?