Things I Love About Spring/Summer

With the weather being as glorious as it has been these past couple of weeks it has really gotten me excited for what is to come over the next few months. I thought it would be fun to put together a post that rounds up everything that I enjoy during the spring/summer months and what i’m looking forward to the most!

We all know that the warmer weather brings out the best in people but it also brings the best things along with it! Spring is definitely my favourite time of year, as I just embrace it as much as I can and here are a few things that I love about spring/summer time!

Pastel nails – Even though I wear pastel nail varnish all year round, I fully embrace is during spring as it really compliments a summery outfit. My favourites are: Topshop Celestial, Maybelline Mint for Life and Revlon Charming.

Fake tan – This one I can’t believe i’m saying, but because I don’t tan I have to fake it. I don’t tango myself, but I do like a slight golden glow otherwise i’d blind everyone with my white legs!

Sandals – The best thing about the warmer weather right?! I love sandals, they are so comfy and probably the easiest shoe to throw on in order to make an outfit. I’ve already purchased two pairs for this year!

Festivals – Music is something that just makes my summer and every year for the past five years I have attended a festival in the summer. Originally I wasn’t this year, but i’m so excited to be going to Wireless for the fifth year running. I cannot wait!

Peachy pinks – When it comes to summer makeup, I always bust out the peachy pink shades in terms of blushers and lips, as I find them a lot more wearable during summer. My favourites are: MAC Lovelorn and Max Factor Stardust Pink for the lips and Max Factor Lovely Pink Creme Puff Blush on the cheeks.

Friends – As the majority of my friends are still at uni, the summer time is when I get to see them and catch up with them. This will be the first summer that I have ever been working full time, so it’ll be an adjustment but one i’ll be able to work around.

What do you love about summer?