Brands I Want To Try More From

What I love about being a blogger is getting the opportunity to not only try out new brands, but also being in the know of what brands are releasing new products, which brands receive good reviews and just generally lusting over products that I will probably never be able to afford. I thought today I talk about a few brands that i’ve not really tried that many products from, but have impressed me enough to want to try more from.

If it wasn’t for blogging then these brands that i’m featuring probably would have never made it onto my radar, as my love and knowledge for beauty products has grown so much through blogging.

MeMeMe Cosmetics: This brand is one that i’ve only just recently been introduced to but has impressed me so much so far. Their products are new and innovative but still stay affordable and are easily accessible to most as they are available online pretty much worldwide. Also the packaging of their products I find so classy and elegant, and the names of their products are different to other brands out there as they not only explain the product but also stay within the brand aesthetic. The quality of their products are by far up there with higher end, high street brands and so I cannot wait to get my hands on more products from them.

Products I want to try: Goddess Rocks (£12.95), Shimmer Stack (£9.25), Longwear Satin Lip Cream (£8.95).

Benefit: Now you’re probably thinking that this one i’ve got wrong, but I really haven’t tried that many products from Benefit and I only own 3 full size Benefit products, the rest have been samples of which have all highly impressed me. Benefit is brand that is loved by pretty much all beauty bloggers, through their quirky packaging and innovative yet sometimes provocative products names they’ve pretty much got it sold, but the quality of their products is what brings it all together. Although I do find Benefit somewhat overpriced sometimes, you can really tell a lot of time and attention goes into the making of these products.

Products I want to try: Hoola Bronzer (£23.50), Hervana Blush (£23.50), Watts Up Highlighter (£24.50).


Milani: This brand I was introduced to from a lot of American/Canadian bloggers who were raving about how good their products were, but we can’t really get Milani here in the UK unless you purchase it on Amazon. A friend of mine was kind enough to send me a Milani Baked Blush when we did a beauty swap and this one product has sold me on the brand. First off, the packing is so pretty but the quality of this blush is just outstanding and I do love a baked blush. I’ve read so many review about their products and if/when I ever go to America or Canada I will be stocking up!

Products I want to try: Baked Bronzer (£5.39), Rose Blush (£5.99), Shadow Eyez Pencil (£3.79).

YSL: A brand that bloggers also seem to love and the only reason why I haven’t is because I cannot afford to splash out on high end brands constantly. I only own two products from them, a lipstick and an eyeliner but again these two products have completely got me wanting more. The packaging is enough to make any girl swoon and some of their products are just too die for. I see so many bloggers raving and lusting over this brand, and one day I will give myself a little splurge.

Products I want to try: YSL Youth Liberator Foundation (£38), Radiance Blush (£32), Shocking Mascara (£25).

Kiko Cosmetics: A brand that I was first introduced to literally last week and already I want to try more. Kiko is a brand that i’ve wanted to try out for such a long time, but i’m not a huge fan of ordering makeup online and with there not being many stores in the UK i’ve never had the opportunity to try out their products. I was very kindly sent a few products from a new collection, which I will be reviewing very soon but the quality of these few products has impressed me so much and the packaging is beautiful.

Products I want to try: Perfect Gel Duo (£7.90), Modern Tribes Essential Bronzer (£17.90), Glow2 Blush & Highlighter (£8.90).

So those are a few brands that I want to try more products from. If you have tried any of these products that i’ve mentioned, then please let me know all about them!

What brands do you want to try more from?