Getting That Dewy Glow

With my skin looking as dull as it has over the past few weeks i’ve really been trying my best efforts to get my skin and complexion looking glowing and dewy. With Spring in full swing I thought i’d share a few products that i’ve been using, as i’m sure i’m not the only one who battling the dull skin days.

The past few weeks i’ve been pulling out products that I was obsessed with this time last year, but i’ve also introduced new products into the mix that i’ve heard some pretty amazing things about and so far these products seem to be doing the trick at making my skin look radiant and healthy.


Starting with primer, something I don’t really bother with all that often as I find the don’t usually make any difference but i’ve been loving the L’oreal Lumi Magique Primer (£9.99). It’s different to any other primer that i’ve used before as it’s more about giving your skin a little bit of radiance, as well as keeping your base in place. I also find using this over foundation great, as more of a liquid highlighter as it is such a beautiful shade.


Foundation wise i’ve reverted back to an old favourite, the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (£5.99), which is my favourite foundation for a dewy radiant glow. It does what the name suggests, by waking up tired skin and faking that healthy glow we all want. Onto concealer and this is new one to me, but one i’m loving. This is the Claudia Louch Concealer Trio* (£35), which is great as you can mix the different shades or use them in different areas to add highlight. I’ve been using the lightest shade to highlight under my eyes as I find this really opens up my eyes and just makes me look more awake.


Onto the cheek products and a long time favourite of mine is the Topshop ‘Crecsent Moon’ Highlighter (£10) which they don’t seem to have on the website anymore, but this is a lovely powder highlighter shade that is perfect for any skin tone. It’s got a lovely iridescent finish to it that just looks lovely on the cheeks bones and just really gives your skin that glow. Also more so recently cream blushers have been my go to and this Collection Love Speedy Blush (£) is beautiful. It has a lovely yet subtle shimmer running through it that really gives the cheeks a lovely pop of colour and also highlighted glow. It’s great if your in a rush, as you don’t need to highlight when using this as it does the job for you.


So those are a few products that i’ve been turning to recently in order to give my skin that dewy, glowing look.


What products do you use to get ‘the dewy glow’?


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