Taking a Blogging Break – Why It’s Okay

You’re probably all wondering where i’ve been for the past week or so and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I just needed a little break and some much needed ‘me time’ as the past few weeks have been less than ideal. I’ve not had my blogging mojo for a long time now and sometimes you just need to take a step back, so I thought i’d turn this post into a little tips post and why sometimes a blog break is needed.

I’m not going to go into detail as to what is going on in my personal life, thats just something i’m not ready to talk about but i’m going to use it as motivation to get back into my blog and to really get it back on track.

Taking a blogging break is never an easy thing to do, for me at least as my blog is a massive part of my life as i’m sure a lot of bloggers feel the same, but sometimes your blog can feel more like a chore than a hobby and that is okay! So here are a few tips that I thought might help a few others out there if you’re thinking of going on a blogging break.

It’s healthy – Just like anything in your life, if you’re not getting the same enjoyment out of something it’s healthy to take a step back and remove yourself for a certain length of time. Whether it be the gym or another kind of commitment, taking a break allows you to get some head space to focus on what you want to gain out of it and what your next move is.

Your readers will still be here – When taking a blogging break, you worry that your readers/page views will decrease and in some way it is true, because you’re not putting out new content. Having said that, it’s not the end of the world and those readers that loved your blog before will still be there when you return. They will understand and you’ll soon learn that your readers are the most supportive people.

Don’t feel guilty – Feeling guilty is natural when it feels like you’re neglecting something but the biggest thing i’ve learnt is try your hardest not to feel guilty. Your blog is your blog, and you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for taking a break nor should you make yourself feel guilty, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Go out and enjoy yourself – I sometimes feel that I neglect things or people because of my blog, and sometimes you’ve just got to go out and enjoy what time you have with those closest to you and that’s okay! even though your blog is a hobby, don’t let it take away experiences that you might not ever get again.

Remember why you love blogging – The biggest thing that I always try to remember, is why I started blogging. You can often forget what made you fall in love with blogging and taking a break is usually the best thing to really make you remember what made you type up that first blog post.

So those are just a few things i’ve learnt from taking a blogging break and hopefully it will help if you’re thinking of having a blogging break yourself. Just remember not to be so hard on yourself and that your blog will still be here when you decide to return!

What tips do you have for taking a blog break?