May Favourites

I’m literally in shock that it is already June, which means that summer is nearing in, not that you could tell from this dreadful weather and also it means my birthday is getting closer. Looking back on May it has been frankly the worst month for me in a very long time and I am just hoping that June will be a little kinder, doubt it but we can only hope. 

Enough dwelling as i’ve been doing too much of that recently, as i’m actually really excited to be talking about some of the products i’ve been loving this month. A lot of new products, which is exciting as I hadn’t really been testing out much newness until the start of May, so it’s exciting to be switching things up a little.

My first favourite of this month is an old favourite that I recently repurchased, as all of my concealers had ran out and as I wasn’t particulary impressed with the ones i’d been using previously, I decided a repurchase was in need. The Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (£5.49) is a concealer that i’d loved for such a long time and was probably the first concealer I ever got on with and looking back I don’t know why I didn’t ever repurchase this. It is amazing for covering any redness, dark circles and blemishes, whilst also making myself look so much awake in the morning. 

Another product that i’ve been loving for making me look and feel more awake is The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet (£12), which I picked up after seeing a few beauty youtubers talking about this product. It is like no other product i’ve ever used, so I can’t really compare it to anything but it is like a whipped mouse sort of consistency that is so lightweight and gentle, yet so refreshing on the skin and just gives the instant boost of moisture that my skin needs in the mornings.

This month i’ve really been loving lip liners and lip crayons, which is very different for me but i’ve recently been trying out some new products and i’m loving the change around. First is the Maybelline ‘Fuschia Desire’ Color Drama (£4.99), which is this beautiful pink that gives your lips such a pop of colour that I just love. I also love the velvet finish to these as they aren’t drying at all and they last so well on the lips. Another lip product i’ve been loving is the new Makeup Revolution Lip Liners* (£1), which have come in so handy especially as I only own one lip liner that I can only wear with two of the lipsticks that I own. They have so many shades but the two i’ve been loving are ‘Cherry Red’ and ‘Rebel’. I’ll be doing a full review of these soon, so watch out for that post.

Lastly is the nail colour that i’ve been wearing non stop for the past two weeks and this is Essie ‘Style Hunter’ (£5.45), which is the perfect red shade with a hint of pink. I’ve not owned a shade like this before and I am literally obsessed, I think i’ll be wearing this non stop all summer!

What have you been loving this month?